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Ukraine’s ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih might restart BF No.6 in April
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Apr. 1, 2022 - ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih (AMKR), based in Ukraine, has recently commented to the market that the company is mulling restarting its blast furnace No. 6 in April, following the forced stoppage of production in early March. “We consider facility operations will be restarted already in April, but only if there is no further war escalation and supplies of raw materials and energy are not threatened or disrupted,” an AMKR representative said.

AMKR, one of the two largest steel-producing groups in Ukraine, plans to create a secluded energy supply route in the infrastructure of the mill in order to avoid further stoppages of steel production, its statement reads. “The mining and steel industry is the foundation of Ukraine’s economy. The country needs us to restart production and exports and to again contribute to the economic development of Ukraine,” said Mauro Longobardo, AMKR’s CEO.

The company plans to restart production in a few separate steps in order to make sure workers are secured. Due to ports being blocked, AMKR will have to use railroads for cargo transportation and to regulate the raw material supply for production needs.

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